File and data set naming conventions

Adhering to the following naming conventions eases data set and file handling on the host and client, and you do not need to rename files after they are downloaded to the client.

The Buffer Pool Analyzer functions introduced so far are performed on the host; the functions introduced in the following topics are performed on the client. To summarize, the input data required by the client-based functions is either in the format of bpd files (for all functions except simulation) or raw trace data (for simulation).

On the client these files require the file name extension bpd for buffer pool data files, respectively trace for raw trace data (and terse, if the trace data is compressed). You can apply these file name extensions already on the host when you collect data or create a bpd file. Use TRACE as low-level qualifier in the name of the output data set that holds collected data (and TRACE.TERSE as low-level qualifiers if the trace data is compressed). Use BPD as low-level qualifier when you create a bpd file from the trace data (the trace data set).