Changing the FPEJINIT EXEC

Change the FPJINIT EXEC.


  1. Copy the FPEJINIT EXEC from the target library hlqdb2pe.TKO2SAMP into a library that is in your EXEC library concatenation.
  2. Change the corresponding lines in this EXEC. They are at the beginning of the EXEC and are delimited by comments. These comments indicate the start and the end of the section that you can change.
    checks = 1;
    rte_mode = 0;
    smpe_mode = 1;
    hlq2.1	 = "hlq of SMP/E data sets";
    sclm_mode = 0;

    where "hlq of SMP/E data sets" denote the names that you choose for the SMP/E target libraries.

    For example, if the libraries start with SYS1.DB2BPA, change the statement in the following way:

    hlq2.1 = "SYS1.DB2BPA"
  3. Save the updated FPEJINIT EXEC.
  4. Optional: Change the FPEJINIT EXEC after the installation verification procedure (IVP) completes successfully from checks = 1 to checks = 0.
  5. Optional: If you want to use the Host Online Monitor, you must allocate the DB2® load library corresponding to the version and release number of the Db2 subsystem to be monitored to ISPLLIB. You can also have the library in a STEPLIB, JOBLIB, or the system LNKLST concatenation.
  6. To test this EXEC, perform the installation verification procedures as described in Verifying installation of Buffer Pool Analyzer.