Start Object Analysis Collection

Use this panel to start the object analysis collector for the monitored Db2. This collector gathers data that is displayed on the object analysis panels.

________________ ZOJIN    VTM     O2       V550.#P SE12 11/06/13 11:10:08   2 
>  Help PF1                                                           Back PF3 
>  O.F                                                                         
>       OBJECT ANALYSIS:  Enter a selection letter on the top line.            
>  *-START                                                              B-STOP 
>                     START OBJECT ANALYSIS COLLECTORS                         
> To START Object Analysis and Volume Analysis Collectors, remove the '>'      
> preceeding the following command and press the ENTER key.                    
> To modify the collection interval time used by Object Analysis and Volume    
> Analysis collectors change the default collection interval of 5 minutes to   
> the value you want.  The interval selected must be from 1 to 1440.            
>OJIN INTERVAL=5                                                               


For additional options, use the PF keys.