The impact of the DB2 subsystem parameter ACCUMACC

The DB2 subsystem parameter ACCUMACC determines whether DB2 Accounting data is to be accumulated by the user for DDF and RRSAF threads.

If ACCUMACC is greater than 0, the threads which relate to the same Accounting accumulation identifiers (defined by the aggregation field ACCUMUID) are aggregated into one Accounting trace record (3, 239).

For DB2 versions prior to version 10 all packages of these accumulated threads are reported into one package section. As a result you lose the granularity for each package and you cannot:
  • Distinguish between SP and called subprograms.
  • Determine which thread has executed which SP or package.
Starting with Db2 10 reports show the first 24 different packages or SPs of the accumulated threads in separate data sections (239) and only if there are more than 24 packages, all the remaining packages will be accumulated into the 25th data section.