Sysplex Parallel Thread Summary

This panel shows an overview of the activity of all parallel tasks with an originating thread on another Db2 in the data sharing group.

Each row provides information about an individual thread, including information about thread response time, Db2 and MVS™ resource consumption, and Db2 activity.

________________ ZSYSPT   VTM     O2       V550.#P SN11 G 11/05/13 13:38:37 2  
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> T.N                                                                           
>         Thread Activity:  Enter a selection letter on the top line.           
> A-All-Idle    B-TSO      C-CICS      D-IMS     E-Background   F-Dist Allied   
> G-Dist DBAC   H-Util     I-Inact     J-Filter  K-Functions    L-Stored Proc   
> M-Triggers    *-Sysplex  O-Enclaves  P-Worksta Q-All+Idle                     
>                 Sysplex Parallel Thread Summary                               
+ *                                                                             
+ Elapsed      Planname  DB2    Status       GetPg   Update  Commit  Userid     
+ ----------   --------  -----  ------------ ------  ------  ------  --------   
+ 00:03:20.6 * MISPOLY   SN14   IN-DB2       397073      0       0   MIS        
+ 00:03:20.5 * MISPOLY   SN14   IN-DB2       402032      0       0   MIS        
+ 00:03:20.3 * MISPOLY   SN14   IN-DB2       401132      0       0   MIS        
+ 00:03:20.2 * MISPOLY   SN14   IN-DB2       398146      0       0   MIS        
+ 00:03:20.2 * MISPOLY   SN14   IN-DB2       403277      0       0   MIS        
+ 00:03:20.2 * MISPOLY   SN14   IN-DB2       395731      0       0   MIS        
+ 00:03:20.2 * MISPOLY   SN14   IN-DB2       401548      0       0   MIS        
+ 00:03:20.2 * MISPOLY   SN14   IN-DB2       398068      0       0   MIS        
+ 00:03:20.2 * MISPOLY   SN14   IN-DB2       399879      0       0   MIS        
+ 00:03:19.9 * MISPOLY   SN14   IN-DB2       396308      0       0   MIS        
+ 00:03:19.8 * MISPOLY   SN14   IN-DB2       396390      0       0   MIS        
+ 00:03:19.7 * MISPOLY   SN14   IN-DB2       396240      0       0   MIS        


The following table shows the fields that might be highlighted in the panel above to indicate that an exception that is related to this field exceeded its threshold value:
Table 1. Highlighted fields in Sysplex Parallel Thread Summary panel.

This table shows the fields and the exceptions these fields are related to. It also shows the reason for the corresponding exception.

Field Exception Reason
Elapsed ETIM This thread has reached the Elapsed Time threshold value.
CPU TCPU The thread address space has excessive CPU utilization.
GetPg GETP The Getpage to Read I/O ratio indicates poor read efficiency.
Update PGUP The rate for system page updates is high.
Commit COMT The number of updates since the last successful commit is high.


For additional information about
  • a particular thread, move the cursor to the thread information line and press F11 (Zoom).
  • A different Db2 subsystem, data sharing group, or member of a data sharing group, enter the name of a Db2 subsystem, group, or member in the topmost row and press Enter.
  • related topics, select one of the options on the top of the panel.
  • other topics, use the PF keys.


The elapsed time since thread creation, or since Db2 signon if the thread is reused. When the elapsed time of the thread exceeds 24 hours, the format is dd-hh:mm.
If this thread is involved in parallel processing or if it invoked autonomous procedures, one of the following identifiers is displayed after the elapsed time:
This thread is a parallel task that is initiated on behalf of another (originating) thread to process a query request in parallel.
This thread is the originating thread that invoked autonomous procedures.
This thread is the parent or the originating thread of the parallel tasks that are created to process a query request in parallel. Activity performed for this (originating) thread is reflected under the parallel tasks.
This thread is a parallel task that is initiated on behalf of another (originating) thread on another Db2 for sysplex parallelism.
Planname or Package
The Db2 plan name (or package name) of the active thread. If you selected option T from the Realtime Main Menu, this panel shows the information by plan. If you selected option U, this panel shows the information by package.
CPU (if monitoring a Db2 subsystem or a data sharing group member)
The current CPU rate (percent) of the TSO address space from which the thread originates. This includes both TCB and SRB time.
Db2 (if monitoring a data sharing group or remote Db2 subsystem while XCF component is not activated for remote CPU)
The Db2 subsystem name of the data sharing group member that is currently monitored.
You can use the Tab key to move to a detail line and to select this detail line for drill down.
The current Db2 status of the thread.
The number of thread Getpage requests.

This logical read request might not actually result in physical I/O if the requested page is currently in the buffer pool.

The number of Db2 page updates made by the thread since thread creation. This value is incremented each time a row in a page is updated, not just once for each page updated. Db2 might update pages when it creates intermediate result tables because of a qualified SELECT statement, even though SELECT statements are generally thought of as read only operations. Pages that have been updated are written asynchronously by Db2, according to Db2's internal Deferred Write algorithm, not immediately after update or commit. Db2 resets the page update count at Create Thread and Signon. If Signon is not driven, the page update count is cumulative.
The number of times the thread successfully completed commit processing.

If a QMF thread user exits from a query panel to other than the home panel, tablespace locks defined with DEALLOCATE(COMMIT) will be retained until Commit is effected. This is also true of SPUFI users who do not specify AUTOCOMMIT, or who specify DEFER on completion of a transaction.

The TSO user ID of the active thread user.