Stored Procedures Thread Summary

This panel provides information about threads that are executing stored procedures.

Each row provides information about an individual thread, including information about jobname, ASID, CPU utilization, number of connections and number of threads.

Note: To display WLM address spaces, the OMEGAMON® for Db2 PE started task must have been given Read access authority in the RACF® profile MVSADMIN.WLM.POLICY for the general resource class FACILITY. If the OMEGAMON for Db2 PE started task has a user ID associated with it, use that user ID instead of the started task name. The following RACF commands show an example:
ALTUSER user_id OMVS(UID(0))

________________ ZSTPT    VTM     O2       V550./C SN12 S 07/25/13 10:40:12 2 
> Help PF1      Back PF3       Up PF7      Down PF8     Sort PF10    Zoom PF11 
> T.L                                                                          
>         Thread Activity:  Enter a selection letter on the top line.          
> A-All-Idle    B-TSO      C-CICS      D-IMS     E-Background   F-Dist Allied  
> G-Dist DBAC   H-Util     I-Inact     J-Filter  K-Functions    *-Stored Proc  
> M-Triggers    N-Sysplex  O-Enclaves  P-Worksta Q-All+Idle                    
>                 Stored Procedures Thread Summary                             
+       Job Name  ASID     CPU%            Connection           Threads        
+       --------  ----     -----           ----------           -------        
+       SN11STP1  0118      00.0                    1                 1        
+ *                                                                            
+ Elapsed     Planname  Schema    Store Proc Name     CPU    ASID  CORRID      
+ ----------  --------  --------  ------------------  -----  ----  ------------
+ 00:04:15.0  DSNREXX   DMSYSWLD  EMPSEL              07.6%  0118  MIS310      


The following table shows the fields that might be highlighted in the panel above to indicate that an exception exceeded its threshold value.
Table 1. Highlighted fields in the Stored Procedures Thread Summary panel
Field Exception Reason
Elapsed ETIM This thread has reached Elapsed Time threshold value.
CPU TCPU The thread address space has excessive CPU utilization.


For additional information about
  • A different Db2 subsystem, data sharing group, or member of a data sharing group, enter the name of a Db2 subsystem, group, or member in the topmost row and press Enter.
  • related topics, select one of the options at the top of the panel.
  • other topics, use the PF keys.


Job Name
The name of the job executing the stored procedure.
The address space identifier of the stored procedure.
The percentage of CPU time utilized.
The number of connections.
The number of threads.
The elapsed time since the stored procedure was executed.
Planname or Package
The Db2 plan name (or package name) of the active thread. If you selected option T from the Realtime Main Menu, this panel shows the information by plan. If you selected option U, this panel shows the information by package.
The schema name of the stored procedure.
Store Proc Name
The name of the stored procedure.
This field is displayed if you are monitoring a Db2 subsystem or a data sharing member.
The CPU rate in percent that is attributable to the user-defined function thread.
This field is displayed if you are monitoring a data sharing group.
The name of the Db2 subsystem that is currently monitored.
The ASID of the stored procedure address space.
The correlation ID of the job running the stored procedure.