Distributed Database Access Thread Summary

This panel is one of two summary displays that provide performance information related to Distributed Data Facility (DDF) activity. Use this information to identify excessive resource use by distributed database access threads (server threads responding to SQL requests from a remote Db2 location).

 ________________ ZDBACT   VTM     O2       V550./I SE11 S 07/10/13 16:05:06 2  
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> T.G                                                                           
>         Thread Activity:  Enter a selection letter on the top line.           
> A-All-Idle    B-TSO      C-CICS      D-IMS     E-Background   F-Dist Allied   
> *-Dist DBAC   H-Util     I-Inact     J-Filter  K-Functions    L-Stored Proc   
> M-Triggers    N-Sysplex  O-Enclaves  P-Worksta Q-All+Idle                     
>                 Distributed Database Access Thread Summary                    
+                                                   Remote          SQL  Rows   
+ Elapsed    WrkSta or Pln/Ath   CPU   Status       Luname   GetPg  Recv Sent   
+ --------   ------------------  ----- ------------ -------- ------ ---- -----  
+ 01:35:04   MyWorkstationName-  08.5% IN-SQL-CALL  G542     55355K    8     1  
+ 01:34:17   IBM-67119346B51     00.0% WAIT-REMREQ  K305       3551 1183 46808  


For additional information about
  • a particular thread, move the cursor to the thread line and press F11 (Zoom).
  • A different Db2 subsystem, data sharing group, or member of a data sharing group, enter the name of a Db2 subsystem, group, or member in the topmost row and press Enter.
  • related topics, select one of the options at the top of the panel.
  • other topics, use the PF keys.


The elapsed time since thread creation, or since Db2 signon if the thread is reused. When the elapsed time of the thread exceeds 24 hours, the format is dd-hh:mm.
If this thread is involved in parallel processing or if it invoked autonomous procedures, one of the following identifiers is displayed after the elapsed time:
This thread is a parallel task that is initiated on behalf of another (originating) thread to process a query request in parallel.
This thread is the originating thread that invoked autonomous procedures.
This thread is the parent or the originating thread of the parallel tasks that are created to process a query request in parallel. Activity performed for this (originating) thread is reflected under the parallel tasks.
This thread is a parallel task that is initiated on behalf of another (originating) thread on another Db2 for sysplex parallelism.
WrkSta or Pln/Ath or Pkg/Ath
One of following information is displayed:
The name of the workstation, if it is set by the application.
Pln/Ath or Pkg/Ath
The Db2 plan (Pln) or package (Pkg) name of the active thread, if an optional USERMOD is applied to your system. (see member rhilev.TKANSAM(KO2MOD02) . This USERMOD can control whether the workstation name is displayed on the summary screen. The plan or package name is followed by a slash (/) and the Db2 thread authorization identifier (Ath) of the active thread.
CPU (if monitoring a local Db2 subsystem or a data sharing group with XCF component activated for remote CPU)
The CPU rate (percent) that is associated with the thread. Database access threads run in MVS™ SRB mode. The displayed rate is SRB time (no TCB time).
Db2 (if monitoring a data sharing group or remote Db2 subsystem while XCF component is not activated for remote CPU)
The Db2 subsystem name of the data sharing group member that is currently monitored.
You can use the Tab key to move to a detail line and to select this detail line for drill down.
The current Db2 status of the thread.
Remote Luname
The VTAM® logical unit name of the requesting Db2 subsystem whose SQL request is being serviced by the thread.
The number of Getpage requests issued by the thread since thread creation.
SQL Recv
The number of SQL calls received from the requesting location since thread creation.
Rows Sent
The number of rows sent to the requesting location since thread creation.