Directly logging on from native VTAM

You can also log on to the Classic User Interface from native VTAM®.

If you prefer to start an OMEGAMON® session directly from native VTAM, you can enter the following logon command, including parameters, in a VTAM panel.
Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramLOGONAPPLID( applid)DATA(DB2=config_ssidssidNONE,LROWS=255log_rows,USER=#Pprofile/C)
The VTAM APPLID specified to OBVTAM when it was started.
The identifier of the Db2 subsystem to be monitored. If not specified, the subsystem identifier that was established during configuration is used.

If NONE is specified instead of a ssid identifier, or if the specified or default Db2 subsystem is not up or does not exist, you are navigated to the Redirect Monitoring to Another DB2 panel;. In this panel, you can view the status of available subsystems and choose a different one.

The number of logical rows to be used for the session. If not specified, the default number is 255.
The member of the user profile to be used. If not specified, the default profile is #P.