Installing Operational Decision Manager for z/OS

Use the System Modification Program/Extended (SMP/E) tool for z/OS® to install Operational Decision Manager for z/OS.

The physical shipment of the product includes a printed copy of the Program Directory PDF. You can also download the Program Directory file from Shopz.

The installable components of Operational Decision Manager for z/OS are the following:
  • zRule Execution Server for z/OS: Execution environment to run business rules on a stand-alone server, embedded in the application or in the CICS JVM server.
  • Rule Execution Server: Execution environment for business rules on Liberty Profile for WebSphere® Application Server for z/OS.
  • Rule Designer: Development environment that is based on Eclipse.
    Note: Rule Designer is not installed on z/OS but on a distributed platform. For more information, see the Installing section in the distributed part of this product documentation.

Directory structure

The Operational Decision Manager for z/OS SMP/E tool installs specific libraries into the specified installation directory.

Top-level directories are created under the top level installation directory for each component in Operational Decision Manager. These components correspond to modules or other services that provide related functionality or data.

Directory Description
executionserver Resources to deploy and configure Rule Execution Server on the WebSphere Application Server on z/OS
shared Shared tools and scripts for configuring on Decision Server for z/OS
zexecutionserver Libraries and files to configure a zRule Execution Server for z/OS instance

Software requirements

For detailed system and software requirements go to the following support page:

What to do next

After you complete the installation of Operational Decision Manager for z/OS, you can then configure your authoring and execution environments. This postinstallation configuration is required to set up access to the execution server, define databases, and enable communication between the various applications.