Configuring the Rule Execution Server EAR for TCP/IP management

You can manage XU instances that are running on different Java™ virtual machines or JMX MBean servers. First, you configure the Rule Execution Server EAR to start a TCP/IP management server.

About this task

You can use the res-setup Ant task with specific parameters to configure the TCP/IP management mode in the Rule Execution Server management EAR.


Set the following parameters.
 -f ressetup.xml setup
PORT_NUMBER is the TCP/IP port that the management server must use.
  • When you set the protocol to tcpip, both the JMX protocol and the TCP/IP protocol are used. Management of XUs through JMX is always activated in the Rule Execution Server EAR. You cannot disable the JMX management mode.
  • The PORT_NUMBER parameter is optional. If you do not specify it, the Rule Execution Server EAR starts the management server on port 1883.


The following example uses the res-setup Ant task to configure a Rule Execution Server EAR file in TCP/IP connection mode with a management server that runs on port 1885.
<res-setup consoleEARinput="..."
   <property name="management.protocol" value="tcpip"/>
   <property name="management.tcpip.port" value="1885"/>