Migrating the Decision Center database

If you plan to migrate from version 8.5 or earlier, you must migrate the rule projects because the database schema changed between this version and the current version. For version 8.6 and later, you do not need to migrate the database schema, unless you want to have the latest features, such as user management.

Before you begin

Install Decision Center and follow the instructions in the configuration guide to create the new database schema. Then, run the migration Ant tasks.

By default, all versions use the same data source: jdbc/ilogDataSource.

Note: Starting with JRules 7.1, the migration is direct to the latest version.

For version 8.6 and later, the database schema is fully compatible with version 8.9.0 and does not need to be migrated. If you use a database created in versions 8.6.x, 8.7.x, or, 8.8.x, some of the new features that require a schema upgrade cannot be available without a migration, such as the user management feature (available from V8.8.0). If you want to use these features, you must use the Ant task to migrate from Operational Decision Manager V8.6 and equivalent schemas (V8.7.x) to the current version. For more information, see Ant tasks for database migration.