Decision Server Rules

Welcome to the Decision Server Rules Version 8.9.0 documentation.

You can configure how and where you install Decision Server Rules. You deploy and configure provided archives for the supported application servers in order to test and execute your decision management applications in the environment that you use in production. For more information, see Configuring.

Decision Server Rules
Overview: Decision Server Rules
You use Decision Server Rules to develop, deploy, and execute decision management applications.
Getting started with business rules
This Getting Started tutorial helps you to take your first steps with Decision Server Rules.
Develop your technical skills with tutorials for Decision Server Rules.
Samples include source code in Java™, JSP, IRL, and XML that you can cut and paste directly into your own decision management applications.
A set of reference topics for Decision Server Rules.
Rule Designer
Developing rulesets in Rule Designer
You develop decision services to define the content of the set of rules that are called by the client application.
Designing projects for rule authoring
You use projects to design the data model for rules, and define a vocabulary fitted for business users.
Testing and simulating rulesets
You prepare the capability for business users to run tests and simulations in Decision Center.
Building and running rules
You build rule projects into rulesets or RuleApps. You can check that your decision services behave as expected by running and debugging them.
Deploying rules from Rule Designer
Deploy your rules from Rule Designer or from the Rule Execution Server console.
Rule Execution Server
Developing client applications
You invoke a deployed ruleset from a client application through a SOAP or a REST web service.
Managing rule execution in Rule Execution Server
Managing rule execution involves tasks such as creating and deploying RuleApps, developing client applications, debugging, installing a production environment, and administering the production environment.