Publishing decision services to Decision Center

For business users and developers to work in collaboration, you publish and synchronize decision services from Rule Designer to Decision Center.

About this task

To work within the governance framework, changes to the decision service in Decision Center take place in the change activities of a release. Both releases and change activities are branches of the decision service.

You must have administrator rights for the initial publishing of a decision service to Decision Center.

You can publish changes to a release branch if you connect with administrator rights. This privilege is offered for flexibility, but use it with restraint, because it circumvents the governance framework. Synchronizing the release is the only way dependencies of a decision service can be changed.

You can also publish changes to a release branch if you are owner of the release, or owner of an activity within this release. To be able to publish, you must set the configuration parameters Allow release owner to publish in their release, and Allow activity owner to publish in parent release to true in the Installation Settings Wizard of the Enterprise console. For more information about how to access this wizard, see Overview: Installation Settings Wizard.

In Rule Designer, you can have only one branch of the decision service in your workspace at any given time. To synchronize with the different branches in use in Decision Center, connect, disconnect, and reconnect with each branch individually. When you disconnect, keep the connection entries for that branch. These entries are stored as part of the branch, allowing you to reconnect with that branch without introducing conflicts. You should be familiar with section Branches and releases in synchronization to avoid misuse.

Note: For publishing to work, you must run Rule Designer in the same locale as the locale that is used to persist rules in Decision Center.

To publish a decision service:


  1. Right-click the main project of the decision service in Rule Designer, and then click Decision Center > Connect.
  2. Enter the URL, user name, password, and data source information that corresponds to your Decision Center session.

    Use the /teamserver extension in the URL, even if you are using the Business console. If no data source is entered, the wizard uses jdbc/ilogDataSource.

  3. Click Connect to establish the connection with Decision Center.
  4. Optional: To limit the project elements that are synchronized, select Use the specified query to filter rule elements for synchronization and a query. The list of queries is defined in the decision service and its dependencies.
  5. Click Next. In Synchronization settings, select Use Decision Governance Framework.
  6. Click Next. The wizard shows the dependent projects to be published with the decision service. All the projects are selected for the initial release.
  7. Click Finish to publish the project.


If an error occurs during publishing to Decision Center, the Problems view displays a message, but the publishing completes. Publishing to Decision Center only copies the information. It does not notify Decision Center users of the changes.