Testing and simulating rulesets in Decision Center

Business users can validate rules against scenarios by testing and simulating rulesets in the Decision Center Business console. Before they can do this, you must prepare projects in Rule Designer by enabling remote testing.

The following figure shows how rule testing and simulation work in Decision Center:

Diagram shows testing and simulation

To enable remote testing, do the following tasks:

Validate the Project

If you are using scenario files in the Excel format, make sure that all the rule projects for testing are valid. When you generate an Excel scenario file template, a valid project produces the correct columns in the template. You do this task in Rule Designer (see Validating the project).

Make the XOMs accessible to the Decision Runner

Make the XOM of each rule project that is used for testing and simulation available to the Decision Runner. You deploy the XOM to Rule Execution Server from Rule Designer or Decision Center (see XOM deployment from Decision Center).

Tip: You only have to make Java™ XOMs accessible to the Decision Runner.

Do the following setup tasks to enable testing and simulation for your business users in Decision Center:

Publish the rule projects to Decision Center

To access rule projects in Decision Center, you must first publish them from Rule Designer. If you have modified the BOM when validating the project, remember to publish these changes to Decision Center so that the business user can generate the correct Excel scenario template files.

Set up Decision Center

In the Decision Center Business console, provide access to an instance of the Decision Runner in Administration > Servers.

Set the properties for rulesets that are generated for testing by using decisioncenter.testing.ruleset.property.<key> = <value>. For example, if you want the ruleset property ruleset.decisionEngine.maxRunningTime set to 1, you must set the following configuration parameter to 1:

decisioncenter.testing.ruleset.property.ruleset.decisionEngine.maxRunningTime = 1

You configure your custom settings in the file decisioncenter.war/WEB-INF/lib/teamserver-model-XXX.jar/ilog/rules/teamserver/preferences.properties.