Installing the local help content

New in 8.10.5 In 8.10 versions starting with 8.10.5, you must set up the local help system manually. After setting up the local help, you can access it through your components or a web browser.

About this task

In this task, you download a framework for the documentation and the HTML files for the Operational Decision Manager documentation. Then, you set up your local help system and run it so that you can access it from your components or a web browser.

The download site provides compressed files of the documentation for use in Windows and Linux®.


  1. In your web browser, go to
  2. Download the compressed file that corresponds to your operating system to install a framework for the documentation:
    • Linux:
    • Windows:
  3. Extract ODMoC_KCCIv20_<OS>.zip to your local computer.
    The compressed file includes a readme that contains these instructions and additional information such as how to set up JAVA_HOME to run the commands in the instructions.
  4. Download the compressed file that contains the HTML documentation for the release that interests you, for example,
  5. Decompress the HTML documentation to the repository KnowledgeCenter/kc_normalized/SSQP76_8.10.x.
  6. In a command prompt, go to the KnowledgeCenter/bin directory and run the command startKC to start the Knowledge Center.
  7. In a web browser, go to http://localhost:9090/kc (see the readme for an alternative HTTPS command).
  8. When you finish using the documentation, go to the Knowledge Center/bin directory and run the command stopKC to stop the service.


You now have access to the documentation and the context-sensitive help pages. You can access the local version of the documentation from Help > Contents or by entering the address in a browser: http://localhost:9090/kc/SSQP76_X.Y.Z, where X, Y, and Z match your product version.

The context-sensitive help is available when you click the ? button on a wizard or when you enter F1 (Windows only).