Build 209

Build 209 is released on 28 September 2021.

Minimum version to update from directly: Build 205.




Unbounded Analytics (BETA)

Version 209 starts a closed beta program for ounbounded analytic. This includes features such as custom dashboards for infrastructure metrics and a preview of the infra entity explore.

The new datastore beeinstana-aggregator is included in the database setup of instana-console. It is therefore necessary to ensure that sufficient storage is available in the metric storage drive.

To be included in this programme, please contact your technical instana support.

Appdata Cache

With this release we introduce an additional component that reduces the read load against the appdata storage.


Cumulative Features from Release #208, #209

Sensor for Traefik reverse proxy and load balancer

Traefik app is now available on the dashboard together with its metrics.


Added instrumentation instrumentation/instamux/v1.0.0 for router.

Technology Preview: Apache httpd Tracing

Instana now supports tracing Apache httpd on xLinux 64. For more information, refer to the Apache HTTPd docs.

Proof of concept: IBM Db2 on Z

IBM Db2 for z/OS support in Instana is proof of concept to showcase the IBM Db2 health and basic metrics.

Technology Preview: IBM ACE Tracing

Instana now supports tracing IBM ACE on xLinux 64. For more information, see the IBM ACE docs