Upgrading an operator-based Instana setup

To upgrade the operator-based Instana setup, follow the steps:

Upgrading to release 215

Upgrading to release 213

See next section when upgrading from release 209. The same principles apply as for upgrading to release 211. Otherwise, no special care needs to be taken.

Upgrading to release 211

Release 211 comes with a few notable changes:

settings.hcl is now deprecated in favor of directly working with custom resources. This is accompanied by new CRD versions (v1beta1). v1alpha1 is no longer used and is removed in a future release. As a result, the kubectl plug-in receives a complete overhaul.

Make sure that you follow these migration steps:

Migrating settings.hcl

The kubectl plug-in has a command for migrating settings.hcl. This generates YAML files for Core and Units and Secrets. Core and Units are written to a directory crs in the output directory. Secrets are written to secrets.

kubectl instana migrate --output-dir out

kubectl instana migrate --settings-file path/to/settings.hcl --output-dir out

Upgrading the operator