Single-host Datastore setup

For small to medium installations, you are offered the option to set up a database host using instana-console. With this method, all required data store instances are run as Docker images on a single host.

Supported OS

The following Linux® distributions on x86/64bit processors are supported:

Supported Docker versions


Installing the Instana Package

To install the Instana package on your machine, use the installation steps that are described as follows.

Warning: Make sure to pick the same version for the Instana package as you use for the operator.

For example, if you are trying to install the operator in version release-211 you need to use instana-console in version release-211. Patch levels do not matter since both, operator and instana-console, receive patches individually.


As root, run the following lines:

echo "deb [arch=amd64] generic main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/instana-product.list
wget -qO - "" | apt-key add -
apt-get update
apt-get install instana-console

To avoid getting major updates during automated upgrades, pin the version:

cat >/etc/apt/preferences.d/instana-console <<EOF
Package: instana-console
Pin: version <version to pin>
Pin-Priority: 1000


As root, run the following lines:

cat >/etc/yum.repos.d/Instana-Product.repo <<EOF

yum makecache -y fast
yum install -y instana-console

To avoid getting major updates during automated updates, pin the version:

yum versionlock add instana-console

Configuring settings.hcl

The settings.hcl is the configuration file for the setup process.

Note: All directories must be on separate disks for performance reasons.

type      = "single-db"
host_name = "<The-FQDN-of-the-machine-the-datastores-are-installed-on>"

dir {
  metrics    = "/mnt/metrics"  // data dir for metrics
  traces     = "/mnt/traces"   // data dir for traces
  data       = "/mnt/data"    // data dir for any other data
  logs       = "/var/log/instana" // log dir

docker_repository {
  base_url = ""
  username = "_"
  password = "<Your-agent-key>"

instana-console Commands

Initial setup of the host:

instana datastores init -f /path/to/db-settings.hcl

Stopping all database containers:

instana datastores stop

Starting all database containers:

instana datastores start

Updating images to the version determined by the currently installed version of instana-console:

instana datastores update