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ACTION REQUIRED: New Container Image Locations

This change affects customers who consume Instana-related container images from the public Docker Hub registry.

All container images that have been previously published via the Docker Hub registry will be published via the public IBM Cloud container registry going forward. The images can be downloaded without authentication from the IBM Cloud container registry. Images that are made available via Instana's own registry at are not affected by this change.

The following table lists the affected images with their new locations:

Docker Hub Image IBM Cloud Container Registry Image Note
instana/agent No change for*
instana/aws-fargate-nodejs No change for
instana/google-cloud-run-nodejs No change for

Existing image repositories on Docker Hub's container image registry will be kept around until at least June 2022, but images in these repositories will not be updated anymore. Only the repositories on the IBM Cloud container registry will receive updates. At some point after July 2022 the Docker Hub image repositories will become unavailable.

Make sure to update all your references to the mentioned images before July 2022.


Custom Geographic Details for Websites & Mobile Apps

Custom geographic details is a new capability that allows the configuration of mapping rules from an IP address range to geographic details (coordinates, city, country…). Many customers, especially large corporations and self-hosted customers, have been longing for the ability to configure custom geographic details for their websites and mobile apps. For example, to give IP addresses representing office complexes a specific name or to define mapping rules for private IP ranges (which are currently always unmapped)!

Configurable Privacy Rules for Websites & Mobile Apps

Since its inception, Instana always took a stance for users by anonymizing user-identifiable data and avoiding evil practices like device fingerprinting and others. We did so for the benefit of our customers and their end-users. Some of our customers find themselves facing even stricter privacy regulations. To support these customers, it is now possible to configure our anonymization approach. For websites and mobile apps, it is now possible

The configuration options can be found within website and mobile app dashboards’ configuration tabs.

Note: It is intentionally not possible to configure a more lenient approach to privacy.

Redacting Secrets from URLs for Websites

Query parameters in collected URLs for websites may contain sensitive data. The JavaScript agent supports the specification of patterns for query parameter keys whose values shall be redacted.

Capture HTTP request/response headers for XMLHttpRequest/Fetch in Websites monitoring

The JavaScript agent supports collection of HTTP request/response headers for XMLHttpRequest/Fetch.

Custom events view for Mobile Apps

A custom event view on the mobile app's dashboards to provide insights of our custom events system for the mobile app.

Display and filter by exception details for Serilog

For exceptions logged with Serilog, the exception type and message are now shown in Unbounded Analytics under Logs. It is also possible to filter by exception type and message.

Zookeeper Zxid

The Zookeeper sensor now collects the transaction id (zxid) with its limit, and this field is also available for defining custom health events.

IdP Group Mapping

A new configuration page was added to set up Instana to automatically map users to certain Instana groups depending on the attributes set on the Identity Provider (IdP).

The new IdP Group Mapping configuration can be accessed on the Authentication tab on settings.