What's new in IBM Notes Feature Pack 9?

IBM® Notes® Feature Pack 9 provides new features for your mail.

Table 1 describes new upgrades and features.

Table 1. New feature descriptions in IBM Notes Feature Pack 9



Embedded Browser removed Starting with V9.0.1 FP9, the Embedded Browser is no longer available on the client platform, and cannot be used in clients or plug-ins. As a result, the "Web Browser" option no longer displays in the Notes client Preference menu; the user's default external browser is used instead.
High resolution support The Notes client on Windows correctly scales text and icons when high resolution monitors or custom DPI settings are used.
Full fidelity for fonts in emails Now when you send email over the internet with Notes, the font size in the MIME body is rendered correctly in the recipient email.
Improved name lookup Searching by <last name first name> through typeahead or in the ambiguous name dialog, returns the same results as searching by first name last name>. For example, searching for Don Smith or Smith Don returns the same results, including variants such as Donald, Donovan, and Smithfield.

Ask your administrator to enable this feature.

Improved support for Notes addressing with mobile directory catalogs The list of names that is shown when using typeahead to search a mobile directory catalog is now sorted according to the directory catalog configuration. Names in local contacts follow this list. In addition, the Search Directory for characters option is available at the end of the list to facilitate server lookup.

Ask your administrator to enable this feature.

Improved calendar interoperability between Notes and Outlook You can now reschedule, update, and cancel repeat meeting invitations sent to Outlook users at one time. You can also decline, delete, counter repeat meeting invitations from Outlook users. This setting is enabled by default.
Improved fidelity for signatures in emails sent to external users The following improvements have been made for signatures in emails sent to external users:
  • The font size of HTML signatures in emails is no longer altered.
  • Signatures with image URLs are sent as URLs and no longer as embedded images.
  • The line spacing in HTML signatures defined by paragraph margin-top/marginbottom/ margin:0 format is no longer altered.

Ask your administrator to enable this feature, if you currently use custom settings for mail.

Improved replication performance over low-bandwidth connections for MMR users If you use the Managed Mail Replica (MMR) feature over low-bandwidth connections, you can control how much of application documents to replicate initially. Review the Replication quick reference for more information.

Ask your administrator to enable this feature.

Delegated mail files are refreshed automatically If you have delegate access to another user's mail file, that mail file is refreshed automatically in your Notes client.

Ask your administrator to enable this feature.

Additional roaming support The following components are now supported for roaming:
  • Opened tabs
  • Fonts and Colors preferences
  • Notes shared login

Ask your administrator to enable roaming for the following components:

  • Spelling dictionary
  • Selected Location
Kerberos-based authentication with Notes Roaming This feature allows a user to set up Notes Federated Login using their OS Name instead of their Canonical Name. For example, if a user types "Alice" as the user name to log in the Windows domain bob.com, then the OS Name Alice@bob.com is automatically supplied in the Notes Setup Wizard. The user no longer has to remember their Notes Canonical Name for the set-up process.
The prerequisites:
  1. Enable the feature by adding "ENABLE_IDDOWNLOAD_OSNAME=1" in Notes.ini (Notes client side).
  2. A deploy.nsf should be in place in setup process.(Notes client side).
  3. User's OS Name should be stored in the Domino Directory. (Domino side).
Run mail rules on existing messages You can use mail rules to run actions on mail already in mail folders. To enable this feature, click File > Preferences > Mail. In Mail Options, select Enable Run Rules On Existing Mail.
Note: To use this feature, your administrator must upgrade your mail file to the Feature Pack 9 template.
Improved handling of non-English characters Notes and Domino now support RFC2231, a standard internet protocol for handling non-English characters in internet messages. Supporting this standard improves message fidelity in communications between Notes and other mail clients, such as Thunderbird, that use this common protocol.
Support for fully-qualified domain names in Notes links You can open an application through a Notes link that has a fully-qualified domain name without creating a Connection document. This feature is enabled by default.

Ask your administrator to disable this feature.

Support for recall of messages created with Memo stationary When message recall is configured on the server, messages created using Memo stationery can now be recalled.
Note: To use this feature, your administrator must upgrade your mail file to the Feature Pack 9 template.