Limits of Notes

Limitations of IBM® Notes® are listed in the following table.

Table 1. Limits of Notes



Maximum size of a Notes application

The maximum OS file size limit (up to 64GB)

Maximum size of text fields

32KB (storage); 32KB displayed in a view's column

Maximum size of a rich text field

Limited only by available disk space up to 1GB

Maximum size of a single paragraph in a rich text field


Maximum amount of text (Summary) data per document


Levels of responses in a hierarchical view; number of documents at each level

31 levels; 300,000 documents

Number of columns that can be included in one table

64 nozeros

Number of rows that can be included in one table

255 nozeros

Number of views that can be added to a Notes application

No limit; however, as the number of views increases, the length of time to display other views also increases

Number of columns allowed in a view

289 ten-character columns; dependent upon # or characters per column

Number of documents that can be imported into a view

Documents totaling at least 350K

Number of cascading views that are allowed in a Notes application

You are able to create more than 200 cascaded views or folders. The number you can create is not specific, but rather is dependent upon:
  1. The maximum number of characters a view or folder name can have (64), and
  2. The Notes release's limit for the number of views or folders allowed.
For more information about the maximum number of views or folders allowed in a release, please see the technote: Maximum character length and nesting levels for views and folders.

Maximum value (in inches) you can enter for margin size

22.75 nozeros

Maximum value (in inches) you can enter for page size cropping

46 nozeros

Maximum point size you can select/print

250 nozeros

Number of documents are allowed in one view

Up to the size of the Notes application, with a maximum of 64GB

Maximum number of documents that can be exported to Tabular Text

Limited only by available disk space

Maximum number of entries in an Access Control List

Approximately 950 names (total ACL size is limited to 32767 bytes)

Maximum number of roles in an Access Control List

75 Roles

Maximum password length allowed on an ID

64 bytes (63 characters for single-byte character sets but only 21 characters for some double-byte languages)

Maximum number of contacts allowed in a group in Contacts

32K of names in the Members text field

Maximum number of recipients in a single mail message

For individual names and private groups which expand locally, 15KB; for public groups which expand on a server, 5MB