Configuring DASH user roles

You configure DASH user roles so that users can use the topology UI. This task is the same for both on-premises and cloud deployments of topology management.

About this task

You can assign the following DASH user roles to users:
A user with the inasm_operator role can access the topology UI, and use it to search for and visualize the resources.
The same as for inasm_operator.
In addition, a user with the inasm_editor role can add comments to resources from the Topology Viewer Context (right-click) menu. (A user with the inasm_operator role can view comments, but not add new ones.)
The same as for inasm_editor.
In addition, a user with the inasm_admin role has access to a number of administrator tools, where they can define custom UI elements for the Topology Viewer.

To configure DASH user roles, you must log into DASH with admin user credentials.

Tip: You can also assign roles to a user indirectly by assigning them to a group of which the user is a member.


  1. As the admin user, log into your DASH web application.
    For on-premises
    If you have used the default root location of /ibm/console, use the following logon URL:
    For OCP
    You login to the Agile Service Manager OCP installation using a URL of the following format (example):
    Where noi is the Netcool® Operations Insight® Helm release name. Use the following command to retrieve the DASH URL:
    helm status NOI helm release name --tls
  2. Select Console Settings from the DASH menu.
  3. Select User Roles from the Console Settings menu (under the Roles heading).
  4. Select the User Roles tab, and then click Search.
    Known users are displayed in the Search results table.
  5. For each user requiring access to the topology UI, perform the following actions:
    1. Click the required user ID in the Search results table.
      All roles that are available to the selected user are displayed in the Available Roles table.
    2. Select the required roles, as appropriate.
    3. Click Save.


Once you have saved your changes, the user role changes take effect. All users with their newly assigned roles are now able to log into DASH and access the topology UI. From there, users can search and visualize resources from the topology service.

Remember: You can also assign roles to a user by assigning them to a group to which the user belongs.