Configuring extra failover capabilities in the ObjectServer

Related events use standard ObjectServer components to provide a high availability solution. These ObjectServer components require extra configuration to ensure high availability where there is an ObjectServer pair and the primary ObjectServer goes down before the cache on the Netcool®/Impact node refreshes.

In this scenario, if you deploy a correlation rule, the rule is picked up if you have replication setup between the ObjectServer tables. Otherwise, the new rule is not picked up and this state continues until you deploy another new rule. Complete the following steps to setup replication between the ObjectServer tables.

  • In the file, add the following lines.
    'name'  = '@name' ON INSERT ONLY,
    'updates' = '@updates'
  • If your configuration does not use the standard StatusMap file, add the following line to the StatusMap file that you use to control alerts.status, you can find the StatusMap file in the .tblrep.def file.
      'ParentIdentifier' =    '@ParentIdentifier'
  • In the .tblrep.def file, add the following lines.
    REPLICATE ALL FROM TABLE 'relatedevents.cacheupdates'
            USING map 'RE_CACHEMAP';
For more information about adding collection ObjectServers and displaying ObjectServers to your environment, see the following topics within IBM® Documentation for IBM Tivoli® Netcool/OMNIbus, Netcool/OMNIbus 8.1.0 Welcome page.
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