Advanced Agile Discovery (AppDisco) and Network Manager (NetDisco) images

A list of images for the optional Advanced Agile Discovery (AppDisco) and Network Manager (NetDisco) extensions.

For organizations that are responsible for application and network infrastructure management, Netcool® Operations Insight® on Red Hat® OpenShift® has two optional extensions, the Advanced Agile Discovery extension, and the Network Manager extension. For more information, see Installing extensions.

AppDisco images

  • nasm-app-disco-controller
  • nasm-app-disco-discovery
  • nasm-app-disco-log-collector
  • nasm-appdisco-observer
  • nasm-app-disco-primarystorage
  • nasm-app-disco-secondarystorage
  • nasm-app-disco-services
  • nasm-app-disco-utils

NetDisco images

  • nasm-net-disco-collector
  • nasm-net-disco-config
  • nasm-net-disco-control
  • nasm-net-disco-fluentd
  • nasm-netdisco-observer
  • nasm-net-disco-schema-registry
  • nasm-net-disco-security
  • nasm-net-disco-sidecar
  • nasm-net-disco-status
  • nasm-net-disco-swagger-service
  • nasm-net-disco-swagger-ui
  • nasm-net-disco-topogram
  • nasm-net-disco-ubi-minimal
  • nasm-net-disco-worker