Activating policies

If your system is running in Review first mode, then you must manually activate policies to take action against incoming alerts.

About this task

With temporal grouping, you can choose a Deploy first or Review first policy deployment mode. In Deploy first mode, policies are enabled automatically, without the need for manual review. In Review first mode, policies are not enabled until they are manually reviewed and approved. The default mode is Deploy first.

When Cloud Native Analytics temporal correlation is turned on and the policy deployment mode is Review first, suggested temporal patterns appear in the Suggested policies tab.
Restriction: Only Temporal Groupings policies can be activated from the Suggested policies tab. Seasonality policies cannot be activated from the Suggested policies tab.


  1. In the Navigation icon main navigation menu, select Automations icon Automations and click Policies.
  2. Select the Suggested policies tab.
  3. In the table row of the policy that you want to activate, click the menu overflow icon Overflow menu icon and select Activate.
    The policy is activated and moved from the Suggested policies tab to the Created by analytics tab.
    Note: If you activate the policy and it does not move from the Suggested policies tab, click the refresh icon to display the policy in the Created by Analytics tab.