Editing an existing pattern

The system automatically suggests new patterns based on the related event data discovered when configurations are run. You can use these patterns as is, or edit the suggested pattern to more closely meet your needs. You can also edit an existing pattern to modify the pattern criteria.

Before you begin

To access the View Related Events and Events Pattern portlets, users must be assigned the ncw_analytics_admin role.

Note: On rerun of a related events configuration scan, any already existing patterns cannot be edited. Only newly discovered patterns can be edited.


  1. Start the View Related Events portlet. For more information about starting the View Related Events portlet, see Viewing related events.
  2. Select a pattern in the Group Sources table.
  3. Right-click the pattern and select Edit Pattern.
  4. Modify event pattern parameters in the Pattern Criteria and Parent Event tabs. For more information about modifying the parameters, see Creating and editing event patterns.
  5. To save, watch, or deploy the pattern, select one of the following options.
    • Select Save to save the pattern details to the View Related Events New tab.
    • Select Watch to add the pattern to the View Related Events Watched tab.
    • Select Deploy to add the pattern to the View Related EventsActive tab.