Configuring the Alerts menu of the Active Event List

You must add access to the Activity Viewer from the Active Event List by configuring the Alerts menu.


  1. From the navigation pane, click Administration > Event Management Tools > Menu Configuration.
  2. From the Available menus list, select alerts and click Modify.
  3. From the Menus Editor window, select <separator> from the drop-down list under Available items, and then click Add selected item to add the item to the Current items list.
    The <separator> item is added as the last item.
  4. Under Available items, select menu from the drop-down list.
    The list of all menu items that can be added to the Alerts menu is shown.
  5. Select the Configuration Management item and click Add selected item.
    The item is added after the <separator> item in the Current items list.
  6. Click Save and then click OK.


The Configuration Management submenu and tools are now available in the Alerts menu of the Active Event List, for use with Netcool® Configuration Manager events.
Note: Reports Menu options will not be displayed if the selected event is not enriched.

What to do next

You can optionally create a global filter to restrict the events displayed in the Active Event List to Netcool Configuration Manager events only. You can add this filter to the Web GUI either by using the WAAPI client or by using the Filter Builder. When creating the filter, specify a meaningful name (for example, ITNCMEvents) and define the filter condition by specifying the following SQL WHERE clause:
where Class = 87724