Changing the choice of fields for the Event Identity

You can change which fields, from your event history database, are available for selection as the Event Identity.

About this task

An Event Identity is a database field that identifies a unique event in the event history database. When you configure a related events configuration, you select database fields for the Event Identity from a drop-down list of available fields. Through configuration of an exception list within Netcool®/Impact, you can change the fields available for selection in the drop-down list. Fields included in the exception list do not appear in the Configure Analytics portlet.
The Netcool/Impact design displays the following default fields in the Event Identity drop-down list
  • Alert Group
  • Alert Key
  • Node
  • Summary
  • Identifier
If you have other database fields that are not in the exception list, these other fields also appear in the drop-down list. Complete the following steps to modify the exception list.


  1. Log in to Netcool/Impact.
  2. From the list of available projects, select the RelatedEvents project.
  3. Select the Policies tab. Within this tab, select and edit the RE_CONSTANTS policy.
  4. Update the RE_OBJECTSERVER_EXCLUDEDFIELDS variable. Add or remove fields from the static array. Case sensitivity does not matter.
  5. Save the policy.
  6. Run the policy. If there is an error, check your syntax.


The changes occur when the policy is saved. No restart of Netcool/Impact is needed.