Events not being grouped after loading local data

After loading local data, events are not being grouped in the Alerts page.

Draft comment:
Issue 7630


After loading local data, events are not being grouped in the Alerts page. Cloud native analytics is enriching events with grouping details but is not grouping them. This happens intermittently and depends on whether the ObjectServer pod was correctly installed in the cluster.
  • Operations teams will notice this in the Events page. They will see a flat list of events, no events will be grouped.
  • Administrators can proactively check for this issue by running grep commands to check for a specific message in their logs.


The root cause of this issue is that at installation time, the ObjectServer pod did not start properly, and as a result Netcool®/OMNIbus triggers were not created. The triggers are needed by the Cloud native analytics temporal grouping policies in order to group events. Consequently the temporal grouping policies are able to enrich events with grouping data, but are unable to actually group the events..


Perform the following steps to resolve this issue.
Remember: You must have Openshift oc tooling installed on your machine, and you must have administrative access to the cluster on which Cloud native analytics is running.
  1. Access the cluster.
  2. Run the following command to execute into the noiactionservice pod.
    oc exec -ti $(oc get pods|grep eanoiactionservice|head -1|awk '{print $1}') /bin/bash
  3. Within the pod execute the following command.
    npm run setup