Testing an automation

As a Service Delivery Engineer, you can test an automation before you use it within a runbook. This allows you to quickly develop and test automations.


  1. Click The navigation icon Navigation icon to go to the main navigation menu.
  2. In the main navigation menu, select Automations icon Automations and click Runbooks.
  3. Click Automations.
  4. Select an automation in the table to display the Preview side panel for that automation.
  5. Click Test Start icon to start the test procedure for the automation. Alternatively, click the options menu of the automation and click the Test option.
    Note: You can select a different version of the automation if you don't want to test the latest version.
  6. Follow the instructions on the Testing automation page.
  7. Verify the result of the automation.
  8. You can test the automation multiple times.
  9. Parameter values can be modified between test runs of the automation. To copy test parameter values to the automation editor, click Edit automation. In the dialog that's displayed, select the test parameter values that you want to bring to the automation editor and click Edit automation. Any changes made in the editor must still be saved.
  10. When you are finished testing the automation, click Close.