Monitoring events using the classic Event Viewer

If you prefer to work with the classic Event Viewer, you can do so directly from the Cloud GUI main navigation menu.


  1. Click the navigation icon Navigation icon to go to the main navigation menu.
  2. In the main navigation menu, click Netcool Web GUI icon Netcool Web GUI.
    The Netcool Web GUI icon Netcool Web GUI Event Viewer is displayed in a separate tab. The event data that you see on this page depends on your datasource, filter, and view settings. For more information on how to change these settings, see the related links at the end of this page.
    Note: To see alerts groups in the alert list, you must select a view with the correct relationship assigned. In technical terms, the relationship must define a parent-child relationship between the ParentIdentifier and the Identifier columns. By default, the Example_IBM_Cloud_Analytics view is provided with this relationship predefined.

What to do next

For more information on the classic Event Viewer, see the related link at the end of the topic.