What's new

Netcool® Operations Insight® 1.6.9 includes a range of new features and functions.

New product features and functions in version 1.6.9

New features in version 1.6.9
The following features and functions are available in the Netcool Operations Insight 1.6.9 product:
Topology updates
Several topology updates are included with Netcool Operations Insight. For more information, see the What's new in Version 1.1.18 external icon topic in the IBM® Agile Service Manager documentation.
Runbook Automation
New automation type for Client-side automations. Client-side automations provide a mechanism to launch out from the Netcool Operations Insight user interface in the user's browser to any third-party website. For more information, see Creating Client-side automations.
Updated install and upgrade methods in version 1.6.9
The installation and upgrade methods have changed since the previous release. For more information, see Installing Netcool Operations Insight and Upgrading and rolling back.
Role-based access control (RBAC) roles are reduced for some deployment types. Kubernetes roles are no longer needed for Cassandra in most deployments. Kubernetes roles are required for geo-redundant deployments. No user action is required, as roles are assigned automatically for each deployment type. For more information, see Installing a geo-redundant deployment on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.
The storage for the Spark pods is shared between the spark pods. The shared Spark storage must support multi-node access. There is a need for ReadWriteMany (RWX) storage volumes. Provision your storage so that the persistent volumes can be mounted as read-write by many nodes. For more information, see Access Modes external icon in the Kubernetes documentation.

Known issues

For more information about known issues, see the troubleshooting sections throughout the documentation and the following links:
The following known issues are fixed in this release: