Tracking license consumption of IBM Netcool Operations Insight

License Service is required for monitoring and measuring license usage of Netcool® Operations Insight® in accord with the pricing rule for containerized environments. Manual license measurements are not allowed. Deploy License Service on all clusters where Netcool Operations Insight is installed.


The integrated licensing solution collects and stores the license usage information which can be used for audit purposes and for tracking license consumption in cloud environments. The solution works in the background and does not require any configuration. Only one instance of the License Service is deployed per cluster regardless of the number of Cloud Paks and containerized products that you have installed on the cluster.

Deploying License Service

Deploy License Service on each cluster where Netcool Operations Insight is installed. License Service can be deployed on any Kubernetes cluster. For more information about License Service, how to install and use it, see the License Service documentation: external link

Validating if License Service is deployed on the cluster

To ensure license reporting continuity for license compliance purposes make sure that License Service is successfully deployed. It is recommended to periodically verify whether it is active.

To validate whether License Service is deployed and running on the cluster, you can, for example, log in to the cluster and run the following command:
kubectl get pods --all-namespaces | grep ibm-licensing | grep -v operator
The following response is a confirmation of successful deployment:
1/1     Running