Cannot create Netcool/OMNIbus artifacts on a backup ObjectServer after failover

When you run in a geo-redundant environment, if you can't create Netcool®/OMNIbus artifacts on a backup ObjectServer after ObjectServer failover, increase the load balancer HTTP timeout settings.


ObjectServer artifacts cannot be created on the backup ObjectServer after the primary ObjectServer is unavailable and only the backup ObjectServer is active. The following message appears when you attempt to create a Web GUI filter or view a Web GUI filter in the UI:
The configuration database is unavailable so you can only view configuration data. You cannot save any changes that you make.


In the clusters that you created, increase the HTTP timeout settings that the load balancer uses and restart the load balancer.

Restart the nco and Web GUI pods on the primary and backup clusters:

  1. To scale them down, run the following command:
    oc scale sts <pod_statefuleset_name> --replicas=0
  2. To scale them up, run the following command and change the replicas number as required:
    oc scale sts <pod_statefulset_name> --replicas=1