Checking space on the ObjectServer in your cloud deployment

Learn how to check available space on the ObjectServer.

About this task

The cloud native analytics service introduces new columns to the Netcool®/OMNIbus ObjectServer, which take up space. Before starting your cloud native Netcool Operations Insight® components deployment, ensure that you have sufficient space on the ObjectServer for these columns. The ObjectServer has a fixed row size of 64 kilobytes. The standard ObjectServer columns use up some of this space, and as you add custom fields, or integrate products, more of this space is used up.


  1. From the command line, start the ObjectServer SQL interface, nco_sql, by running the following command.
    bin/nco_sql -user root -server server_name
    Where server_name is the name of the ObjectServer.
  2. At the prompt, specify the root password.
  3. In the ObjectServer SQL interface, issue the following command.
    describe status;
    The system returns a listing of the ObjectServer alerts.status columns, together with columns indicating the type, size in bytes, and key for each column.
  4. Save the output as a text file, and then import it into a spreadsheet program of your choice, so that each column in the text file generates a separate column in the resulting spreadsheet.
  5. Use a spreadsheet formula to calculate your ObjectServer row size in kilobytes.
  6. Subtract the value determined in the previous step from the 64-kilobytes maximum row size. This is the available space in your ObjectServer row.
  7. The cloud native analytics service introduces a number of new columns to the ObjectServer that total 8 kilobytes. If you do not have sufficient space in your ObjectServer row, then consider removing any redundant custom columns.