Which GUI to log into

Within the Cloud-based and hybrid Netcool® Operations Insight® systems, capabilities are available in both the Cloud GUI and the Advanced GUI. Use this information to understand which user GUI to log into to access the different Netcool Operations Insight capabilities.

Table 1. Which GUI to log into
Log into... To access this capability...
Cloud GUI
  • Managing incidents
  • Monitoring events
  • Configuring analytics
  • Administering analytics policies
  • Configuring lightweight integrations, to easily ingest data from a wide range of Cloud environments, such as Amazon Web Services, Data dog, and Dynatrace
  • Accessing topology
  • Accessing runbooks

The Cloud GUI also provides a launch-out capability to Netcool Web GUI icon Netcool Web GUI, Netcool/Impact, and the topology management service.

Advanced GUI
  • Advanced event monitoring and configuration using Netcool/OMNIbus Web GUI
  • Administering Impact policies using Netcool/Impact
  • The topology management service
  • DASH capabilities