Pod fails to connect to LDAP

Learn how to troubleshoot the ncoprimary pod failing to connect to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).


version iconThe ncoprimary pod fails to connect to LDAP.


version iconFor Netcool® Operations Insight® on Red Hat® OpenShift® version, if you need LDAP users that are created in the ObjectServers, you must update the YAML file for your installation. Set the LDAP port to 389 and set the sslPort to 636, as in the following example:

      baseDN: dc=mycluster,dc=icp
      bindDN: cn=admin,dc=mycluster,dc=icp
      groupFilter: cn=%s,ou=groups
      mode: standalone
      port: "389"
      serverType: CUSTOM
      sslPort: "636"
      storageClass: rook-cephfs
      storageSize: 1Gi
      suffix: dc=mycluster,dc=icp
      url: ldap://localhost:3389
      userFilter: uid=%s,ou=users
For more information, see Cloud operator properties.