Installing Installation Manager (GUI or console example)

You can install Installation Manager 1.9.2 with a wizard-style GUI or an interactive console, as depicted in this example.

Before you begin

Take the following actions:
  • Extract the contents of the Installation Manager installation file to a suitable temporary directory.
  • Ensure that the necessary user permissions are in place for your intended installation, data, and shared directories.
  • The console installer does not report required disk space. Ensure that you have enough free space before you start a console installation.
Before you run the Installation Manager installer, create the following target directories and set the file permissions for the designated user and group that Installation Manager to run as, and any subsequent product installations:
Main installation directory
Location to install the product binary files.
Data directory
Location where Installation Manager stores information about installed products.
Shared directory
Location where Installation Manager stores downloaded packages that are used for rollback.
Ensure that these directories are separate. For example, run the following commands:
mkdir /opt/IBM/NetcoolIM
mkdir /opt/IBM/NetcoolIM/IBMIM
mkdir /opt/IBM/NetcoolIM/IBMIMData
mkdir /opt/IBM/NetcoolIM/IBMIMShared
chown -R netcool:ncoadmin /opt/IBM/NetcoolIM

About this task

The initial installation steps are different depending on which user mode you use. The steps for completing the installation are common to all user modes and operating systems.

Installation Manager takes account of your current umask settings when it sets the permissions mode of the files and directories that it installs. Using Group mode, Installation Manager ignores any group bits that are set and uses a umask of 2 if the resulting value is 0.


  1. Install in Group mode:
    1. Use the id utility to verify that your current effective user group is suitable for the installation. If necessary, use the following command to start a new shell with the correct effective group:
      newgrp group_name
    2. Use the umask utility to check your umask value. If necessary, change the umask value.
    3. Change to the temporary directory that contains the Installation Manager installation files.
    4. Use the following command to start the installation:
      GUI installation
      ./groupinst -dL data_location
      Console installation
      ./groupinstc -c -dL data_location
      In this command, data_location specifies the data directory. You must specify a data directory that all members of the group can access.
      Remember: Each instance of Installation Manager requires a different data directory.
  2. Follow the installer instructions to complete the installation.
    The installer requires the following input at different stages of the installation:
    GUI installation
    • In the first page, select the Installation Manager package.
    • Read and accept the license agreement.
    • When prompted, enter an installation directory or accept the default directory.
    • Verify that the total installation size does not exceed the available disk space.
    • When prompted, restart Installation Manager.
    Console installation
    • Read and accept the license agreement.
    • When prompted, enter an installation directory or accept the default directory.
    • If required, generate a response file. Enter the directory path and a file name with a .xml extension. The response file is generated before installation completes.
    • When prompted, restart Installation Manager.


Installation Manager is installed and can now be used to install IBM® Netcool® Operations Insight®.
Note: If it is not possible for you to install Netcool Operations Insight components in GUI mode (for example, security policies at your site might limit the display of GUI pages) then you can use the Installation Manager web application to install the Netcool Operations Insight base solution components, which are as follows:
  • IBM Tivoli® Netcool/OMNIbus core components
  • IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus 8 Plus Gateway for Message Bus
  • Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Web GUI and the Web GUI extensions for Event Analytics
  • IBM Tivoli Netcool/Impact and the Netcool/Impact extensions for Event Analytics
However, note that the following Netcool Operations Insight base solution components cannot be installed by using the Installation Manager web application:
  • Dashboard Application Services Hub
  • Operations Analytics - Log Analysis
Dashboard Application Services Hub also cannot be installed in console mode.

What to do next

If required, add the Installation Manager installation directory path to your PATH environment variable.