Installation checklist

Before you start your on premises installation of IBM® Netcool® Operations Insight®, check that you have all the required information ready. During the installation, you must define various configuration parameters. Some of these configuration parameters are needed later in the installation. Note down the following information as you install Netcool Operations Insight and related components.

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Information to collect before and during installation

Collect all the information in the following list that is relevant to your deployment before and during your installation. You can print this checklist and take note of the information as you go through the installation process.

Preliminary steps information checklist
Checkbox The available disk space on your computer: ______________________________.
Checkbox Group and user details you want to use for the installation such as ncoadmin or netcool: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Variables names:______________________________ . The default ones are:
  • NCHOME=/opt/IBM/tivoli/netcool.
  • OMNIHOME=/opt/IBM/tivoli/netcool/omnibus .
  • IMPACT_HOME=/opt/IBM/tivoli/impact.
  • JAZZSM_HOME=/opt/IBM/JazzSM.
  • WEBGUI_HOME=/opt/IBM/netcool/gui/omnibus_webgui .
  • UNITY_HOME=/opt/IBM/LogAnalysis.
IBM Installation Manager information checklist
Checkbox Installation location: ______________________________ . Where the IBM Installation Manager unpacks packages. An example is /home/netcool/IBM/InstallationManager.
Checkbox Data location: ______________________________. The location where IBM Installation Manager unpacks packages and stores packages for rolling back. An example location for the data location is /opt/IBM/netcool/IBMIMData .
Checkbox Share location: ______________________________. You are asked for this location when you install the first product into IBM Installation Manager, not during the installation of IBM Installation Manageritself. An example location for share location is /opt/IBM/IBMIMShared.
Db2® information checklist
Checkbox Directory where Db2 is installed: ______________________________. The default one is /opt/ibm/db2
Checkbox The hostname of the server where the database is installed: ______________________________ . An example is example database-server
Checkbox The Db2 user and password to use to log in to the database such asdb2inst1: ______________________________ .
Checkbox The port used by the database, for example 50000: ______________________________ .
Checkbox The Db2 version number and the operating system you are using to install it: ______________________________ .
Object Server information checklist
Checkbox Name of the object server: ______________________________. An example is NOI_AGG_P
Checkbox Port that is configured for connections to the object server: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Super user ID for the object server. For example, the root user: ______________________________ .
CheckboxPassword for this user: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Collect the same information also for the backup and virtual object servers (for example, NOI_AGG_Band NOI_AGG_V): ______________________________ .
Gateway for JDBC information checklist
Checkbox Repositories that you need to select to install Gateway for JDBC: ______________________________. For example, $SW_Repository/JDBC-gate/
Checkbox Location of the configuration file: ______________________________ . An example is $OMNIHOME/etc
Checkbox Hostname, such as netcool1-server1: ______________________________ .
Probes information checklist
Checkbox Which type of probes you need: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Location of the configuration file. For example, OMNIHOME/probes/linux2x86/xml.props: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Repositories to select. For example, SW_Repository/MsgBus-probe/ ______________________________ .
Process Agent checklist
Checkbox Name of the process agent: ______________________________ . An example is NCO_PA
Checkbox Hostname, such as netcool1-server1: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Port number, for example 4200: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Processes that are managed by the process agent: ______________________________ . Examples are object servers, XML Gateway probe, or Gateway for JDBC.
Checkbox Your user ID: ______________________________ .
Dashboard Application Services Hub(IBM WebSphere® Application Server and Jazz® for Service Management) checklist
Checkbox Installation location: ______________________________ . For example, /home/netcool/IBM/WebSphereor /home/netcool/IBM/JazzSM.
CheckboxPackages to be installed (IBM WebSphere Application Server, Jazz for Service Management, IBM WebSphere SDK Java™ Technology Edition): ______________________________.
Checkbox Server name such as server1: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Server username (for example, smadmin) and password: ______________________________ .
Checkbox HTTP port: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Installation directory: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Repositories to select: ______________________________ . For example, SW-Repository/DASH3130/JazzSMRepository/disk1/diskTag.inf).
Web GUI checklist
Checkbox Password for Web GUI user such as ncoadminand ncouser: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Repositories to select: ______________________________. An example is SW_Repository/WebGUI/WebGUI8104/OMNIbusWebGUI_NOIExtensionsRepository/re- pository.xml.
Checkbox Installation location: ______________________________ . For example, /opt/IBM/netcool/gui/omnibus_webgui.
IBM Tivoli® Netcool/Impact checklist
Checkbox Installation location: ______________________________ . For example, /opt/IBM/tivoli/impact.
Checkbox Port number of the Netcool/Impact server, such as 9080: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Port number of the GUI server, for example 17310: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Hostname, such as netcool1-server1: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Repositories to select: ______________________________. An example is SW-Repository/Impact/ImpactRepository/disk1/diskTag.inf.
Checkbox Server username (such as impactadmin) and password: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Limit of number of open files: ______________________________ .
IBM Operations Analytics - Log Analysis checklist
Checkbox Installation location: ______________________________. For example. /opt/scala/IBM/LogAnalysis
Checkbox Repositories to select such as SW_Repository/SCALA1353/diskTag.inf: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Hostname: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Port number, such as 9988: ______________________________ .
Checkbox Username and password: ______________________________For example, icpadmin/icpadmin
Checkbox Location and file name of Insight packs to install, for example /opt/images/ ______________________________ .