Event analytics related event groups not being correctly allocated to patterns

Related event groups might not be correctly allocated to event patterns. In this case, start the ProcessPatternGroupsAllocation Netcool®/Impact service as a workaround while you resolve the issue.


Related event groups are allocated to a pattern in the following cases:
  • When suggested patterns are created
  • When a user creates new patterns
  • When a user edits, saves, deploys, or watches new patterns
Occasionally groups fail to be allocated to patterns or might be allocated to wrong patterns.


If the groups allocated to patterns are missing or unexpected, then first try the following procedure.

  1. Open the pattern to which the group was meant to be allocated.
  2. Edit and save this pattern in the New state. This action should cause the groups to be correctly reallocated to this pattern.
If group allocation proves to be problematic on a regular basis, then try the following procedure.
  1. Start the ProcessPatternGroupsAllocation Netcool/Impact service. This service triggers group allocation in the background.
  2. Investigate and resolve the root cause of the allocation failure.
  3. Once the root cause has been resolved, stop the ProcessPatternGroupsAllocation service.