Netcool/Impact core user-scripts ConfigMap

Use this ConfigMap to create the user script, which is saved to the pod in the /home/netcool/etc/user-scripts directory.


The following table shows the data element that is contained in the Netcool®/Impact core user-scripts ConfigMap (<release_name>-nciserver-user-scripts):

Table 1. Data element in the Netcool/Impact core user-scripts ConfigMap (<release_name>-nciserver-user-scripts)
Data element Description More information

Add bash shell script commands to this data element to create the file in the /home/netcool/etc/user-scripts directory.

You can add several lines with one command per line.

Indent the text with four spaces to align it with the preexisting echo command.

An example of the data element in this ConfigMap is provided.

Data element:

Refer to the following example to see the data element in use. |
    # User specific configuration scripts.
    echo "Hello World"