Configuring Sensu as an event source

You can set up an integration with Netcool® Operations Insight® to receive notifications created by Sensu. Sensu can monitor servers, services, application health, and business KPIs.

Before you begin

The following event types are supported for this integration:
  • event management supports the default Sensu events. The use of mutators is not recommended.
  • Sensu Core 2.0 Beta is not supported.
The following criteria applies to configuring Sensu as an event source:
  • The CEM event handler plugin must be installed in the location from where it will be used to send events to event management.
  • You must install Ruby before using the CEM event handler. When installing Sensu, Ruby can be embedded and found under the following directory (example): /opt/sensu/embedded/bin/ruby --version.


  1. Click Administration > Integrations with other systems.
  2. Click New integration.
  3. Go to the Sensu tile and click Configure.
  4. Enter a name for the integration.
  5. Click Download file to download and decompress the file.
    Important: The download file contains credential information and should be stored in a secure location.
  6. Copy cem.json to /etc/sensu/conf.d.
  7. Copy cem.rb to /etc/sensu/plugins.
  8. Run sudo chmod +x /etc/sensu/plugins/cem.rb.
    Example: copy to a directory and then run the following command at the directory to unzip all files and grant execution permission to cem.rb (for this example unzip must be installed and permission to run sudo is required):
    unzip 'cem.rb' -d /etc/sensu/plugins; unzip 'cem.json' -d /etc/sensu/conf.d; sudo chmod +x /etc/sensu/plugins/cem.rb
  9. Add the CEM event handler to each Sensu check definition to send events to event management.
      "checks": {
       "check_mem": {
          "command": "check-memory-percent.rb -w 50",
          "interval": 60,
          "subscribers" : [
          "handler": "cem"
  10. Restart the Sensu services.
  11. To start receiving alert notifications from Sensu, ensure that Enable event management from this source is set to On..