Deployments are not created when the appDisco operator runs

Restart the appDisco operator pod if discovery server (DS), primary storage server (PSS), or secondary storage server (SSS) deployments are not created.


  1. Remove previous versions of IBM Netcool Operations Insight® and install version 1.6.8.
  2. Apply the custom resource (CR) with appDisco enabled.
  3. Verify that the custom resource definition (CRD) is created and that the appDisco operator is running as shown in the following example. However, no DS, PSS, or SSS deployments are created.
    [ files]# oc get crd | grep disco                                            2022-03-04T04:39:12Z
    [ files]# oc get pod nasm-app-disco-operator-deployment-86c47c5cb5-v5kjf -o yaml | grep creat
      creationTimestamp: "2022-03-04T04:39:15Z"
    [ files]# oc get evtmanager-topology -o yaml | grep creat
      creationTimestamp: "2022-03-04T04:39:49Z"


Restart the appDisco operator pod. The DS, PSS, and SSS deployments are created after you restart.