Restricting the available seasonal rules

You can restrict the columns that are available on the Seasonal Rule page.

About this task

By default, you can select all the columns from the ObjectServer in the Set Column Values... option on the Seasonal Rule page. If you want to restrict the column list, complete the following steps:


  1. Log in to the Netcool®/Impact UI.
  2. Select the NOI project.
  3. Select the Policies tab.
  4. Within the Policies tab, select and edit the NOI_CONSTANTS policy.
  5. Within the NOI_CONSTANTS policy, change the value for the SE_FIELDS_WHICH_A_RULE_CAN_SET variable.

    Set the SE_FIELDS_WHICH_A_RULE_CAN_SET variable by enclosing each field name with single quotation marks and separating the names with commas. Surround the entire value with double quotation marks.

    The following example limits the column list to Location, Manager, and Summary:

    SE_FIELDS_WHICH_A_RULE_CAN_SET = " 'Location','Manager','Summary' ";
  6. Save the policy.
  7. Close and reopen the Seasonal Rule page to see the restricted list.