Probable Cause API

Using the Probable Cause API and Classifier API, you can perform tasks such as adding and removing classification labels or interacting with the edges weights that are used for calculating the probable cause within the topology. To work with the Probable Cause API and Classifier API, you can use the Swagger UI or work with cURL.

Probable Cause API

You can access the Probable Cause API API by clicking a link similar to:
If you want to add or remove classification labels, train a model, or load data for training, use a link similar to:
The variable server_name is the name of the server where Netcool® Operations Insight® is running.
Note: To learn about configuring the Probable Cause API, see Configuring probable cause.

To authenticate to the Probable Cause API, complete the following steps.

  1. Go to Administration > Integration with other systems.
  2. Select Generate API key.
  3. Add the key description and under permissions select Probable Cause API and any other permissions that you need.
  4. Click Generate.
A username (the API key name) and password (the API key) are provided. Keep the information safe, as the only way to retrieve the information is to regenerate a key. When you go to the MIME swagger page, use the API key name and API key to authenticate, for example:
Using the Probable Cause API, you can:
  • Define custom edges weights within topology management.
  • Remove custom edges weights and reapply default edges weights.

Classifier API

To authenticate to the Classifier API, run the following commands.

  1. Generate the API username and password by running the following command:
    oc get secrets -n namespace releasename-mime-api-secret -o yaml
    where the variable namespace is optional and the default value for the variable releasename is noi.
  2. Use the API username and password to authenticate to the Probable Cause API by running the following commands:
    1. echo api_password | base64 -d
    2. echo api_username | base64 -d
      where the values for variables api_password and api_username are generated in the YAML output in Step 1.
Using the Classifier API, you can:
  • Add custom event classification labels.
  • Delete training data.
  • Delete the training model.
  • Get the status for a trained model.
  • Get the training data used for training a model.
  • Insert new customized training data.
  • Predict and classify a string or list of strings.
  • Remove custom event classification labels.
  • Submit a request to train a model.