Migration of rollups in Netcool/Impact and later

Fix pack uses a new format for the creation of rollups that is different from previous versions of Netcool®/Impact. A migration script, which is automatically run during the installation or upgrade process, converts pre-existing rollups to the version format. Run the Event Analytics configuration wizard after the upgrade to version to verify and save your configuration (see note).

  • In version (or earlier) the rollup display names are free-form text with no formatting applied.

    In this scenario, Netcool Operations Insight® creates a new column in the database called MaxSeverity. The display name in Dashboard Application Services Hub is MaxSeverity, or whatever is defined in the customization directory in the Netcool/Impact uiprovider directory.

    With the introduction of the Event Analytics configuration wizard in version, it was necessary to apply a new format to rollup display names.

  • In version, a format of <column_name>_<type> is applied to rollup display names.

    Using the wizard, you can apply any display name to a column, in any language. Because creating database columns in any language might be error prone, the format of the names for rollup database columns is now set to <column_name>_<type>. The display name is stored in the customization directory and files in the uiproviderconfig directory. This format makes it is possible to change display names by using the Event Analytics configuration wizard. For this reason, a migration script is run during installation or upgrade to transform all pre-existing rollups to the version format.

Note: You must run the Event Analytics configuration wizard after you upgrade to Netcool/Impact The following artifacts are changed as a result of the rollup migration script in Netcool/Impact
  • Stored metadata for rollups in configuration
  • Database columns (renamed)
  • Output parameters for policies
  • Properties files
  • Properties files that are rendered into a language other than English
Complete the steps of the wizard as described in Configuring Event Analytics using the wizard after you upgrade to version to verify and save any customizations to your configuration. Backup files that contain previous customizations are stored in $IMPACT_HOME/backup/install/gui_backup/<pre-FP13 fp name>/uiproviderconfig/.