Using Metric search to create a timeseries chart

Visualize a KPI, with or without an anomaly, in a timeseries chart.

About this task

Find a single KPI and plot it on a chart to monitor its activity over a number of days.


  1. Click the navigation icon Navigation icon.
  2. In the main navigation menu, click Metric search.
    Metric search console location
  3. In the Metric search panel, refine your search to a single KPI by selecting from the Metric group, Metric, and Resource dropdown menus. The date that is selected represents the endpoint of the chart.
  4. When you complete your selections, a timeseries chart is generated for the KPI.
    Metric search chart
    • The unbroken black line labeled with the name of the KPI (Metric + Resource) plotted on the chart represents the values of the selected KPI over time.
    • A green-shaded area (labeled Baseline) represents the acceptable operating range of that KPI.
    • A red-shaded area or red vertical line (labeled Anomaly) indicates where the KPI is anomalous: one or more of the anomaly detection algorithms determined the KPI was not behaving in accordance with the learned normal behavior.

    • A purple area in the chart (labeled Expected range), with a dashed line (labeled Forecast) indicates forecasted KPI anomalies.