Searching alerts

You can search the list of alerts based on data contained within the alert columns. For example, type london in the search box to filter the list to display only those alerts where one or more the alert columns contains the string "london".


  1. In the toolbar before the table, click Search Search icon.
    An editable search bar is displayed alongside the Search Search icon icon.
  2. Click inside the search bar and type your search term.
    The table now displays only those alert rows that meet the criteria specified.

    For example, assume you want to find alerts where any of the displayed columns contains the string "london". To do this, type "london" in the search bar.

    Based on this search, the table will display alerts such as the following:
    • Alerts where the Node column contains resources named server-london-123.
    • Alerts where the Summary columns contains text such as:
      Memory leak on resource server-london-123

What to do next

To remove the search criteria and to display all alerts again in the table, proceed as follows:

In the search bar, remove the search term; for example, by clicking Close Close icon. This action removes the filter or search criteria and updates the table to display all alerts.