Retrieving passwords from secrets

(Optional) After a successful installation of IBM Netcool Operations Insight®, passwords can be retrieved from the secrets that contain them.

About this task

To retrieve a password from Netcool® Operations Insight, use the following procedure.

icpadmin password

oc get secret release_name-icpadmin-secret -o json -n namespace | grep ICP_ADMIN_PASSWORD  | cut -d : -f2 | cut -d '"' -f2 | base64 -d;echo

smadmin password

oc get secret release_name-was-secret -o json -n namespace | grep WAS_PASSWORD | cut -d : -f2 | cut -d '"' -f2 | base64 -d;echo

impact admin password

oc get secret release_name-impact-secret -o json -n namespace | grep IMPACT_ADMIN_PASSWORD | cut -d : -f2 | cut -d '"' -f2 | base64 -d;echo

omnibus password

oc get secret release_name-omni-secret -o json -n namespace | grep OMNIBUS_ROOT_PASSWORD | cut -d : -f2 | cut -d '"' -f2 | base64 -d;echo

couchdb password

oc get secret release_name-couchdb-secret -o json -n namespace | grep password | cut -d : -f2 | cut -d '"' -f2 | base64 -d;echo

LDAP admin password

oc get secret release_name-ldap-secret -o json -n namespace | grep LDAP_BIND_PASSWORD | cut -d : -f2 | cut -d '"' -f2 | base64 -d;echo
  • release_name is the name of your deployment, as specified by the value used for name (OLM UI Form view), or name in the metadata section of the or files (YAML view).
  • namespace is the name of the namespace in which Netcool Operations Insight is installed.