Configuring Event Filters to prioritize RBA triggers

The EVENT_FILTERS data type is required to prioritize Runbook Automation triggers.

About this task

Check if the EVENT_FILTERS data type is listed under the RBA_Derby datasource in Netcool®/Impact. If not, then complete the steps in this procedure.


  1. Log in to Netcool/Impact.
  2. Switch to the RunbookAutomation project from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Data Model tab.
  4. Click the arrow of the RBA_ObjectServer datasource to display the data types.
  5. Right-click on the EVENT_FILTERS data type and click Delete.
  6. Right-click RBA_Derby datasource and click New Data Type.
  7. Complete the following steps on the SQL Data Type Config page:
    1. In the Data Type Name field, type EVENT_FILTERS.
    2. From the Schemas drop-down list, select RBACONFIG.
    3. From the Tables drop-down list, select, EVENT_FILTERS.
    4. Click Refresh Fields.
      The table rows are displayed.
    5. Select the FILTERID table row, double-click the entry for the Key Field column, and select the checkbox when it is displayed.
    6. Click Save.


The new data type appears under the RBA_Derby data source.